Carol BellHello! and thanks for visiting  Saved By A Bell: Leveling the Learning Field, a blog for Elementary Teachers & Special Education Teachers of all grades. This is my first time blogging. And I have to say I’m super excited! Most importantly, I created this blog to share ideas and all that I’ve learned from my students and my amazing teacher friends. But also to learn from all of you awesome teachers out there!

My name is Carol Bell. Teacher and proud mom to 2 lovely and all grown-up daughters.


I taught kids in the general ed population for 14 years and then spent the next 18 years teaching kids with special needs. I have a BA in Special Education and an MS in Elementary Education in the Humanities. And although I’ve taught all grades from Pre-K to 8th, 8th grade is my hands-down absolute favorite! One thing I’ve learned is that we can Level the Learning Field for all kids. It’s great to differentiate and modify instruction but we really need to differentiate and modify the resources we use also! Besides being a classroom teacher,  I’ve been an Art Teacher, a Literacy Coach, and a Project Arts Liaison, but being a classroom teacher is really what I love doing the most.

Being in the Classroom

As a classroom teacher, I can really get to know each of my kids as individuals. What motivates and excites them, what are their behaviors trying to communicate, what may they be afraid of, how do they learn best, and most importantly what are their gifts!

I grew up in NYC, which is where I teach. I’ve lived on Long Island for the last 30 years and although I love NYC, I have really come to appreciate the quiet serenity that comes along with living on Long Island.

In my free time (Ha! What’s that?!) I love to spend time with my 2 daughters, relax on the beach, take long walks on the boardwalk, cook (especially Paleo!), do some home decorating, travel (especially to visit my daughter in the beautiful coastal city of Portland Maine!) and of course, binge watch some awesome TV!

Hopefully,  I will be able to share some great ideas with all of you Elementary & Special Ed teachers that you can use in your classrooms and I can get some great ideas from you all, that I can use in mine!

My favorite girls; my 2 lovely & all grown-up daughters.
My favorite place.