Are you totally tired of the huge mountain of papers on your desk, just ready to run? Well you can have a totally, perfectly organized desk in 3 simple easy steps: Type, Save, Print! That’s it guys! It’s all about EDITABLE & PRINTABLE CLASS FORMS! Instead of papers everywhere, file folders and file cabinets, say hello to your new filing system, Yep, the desktop on your computer, it’s just that simple.

Editable and Printable Class Forms

Student/Parent Contact Information Forms

EDITABLE Contact Information Sheets Editable Parent Student Contact Information Sheetsmake it super easy for me to record all of my kids and their parents’ info! One sheet for the whole class! First, I type, save, then print! While I’m printing I always add additional copies for the other team members, they love that because it means they don’t have to do it!!

Personal Information Forms

With EDITABLE Personal Information Forms, Learning Personal Information is an essential life skill for kidsI can create master copies for myself and for kids who are working on learning their personal info. For sure, kids have the option of writing or typing in the information.Then they can also practice using the master copy as a reference.



EDITABLE Calendars are probably the ultimate cool, tool. Yes, the calendars keep me organized but they also keep kids and parents aware of what’s happening. First I put the calendar up on my smart board, then type directly into the date boxes, next, I save and print. And my kids are writing the info iEditable Calendarsn on their hard copy. These calendars are awesome for increasing independence in the classroom. Kids don’t have to ask me about holidays, special events, school closings, testing dates, etc. because they have their own go-to resource, makes it a lot easier for me, I’ll tell ya!! Parents love them because they appreciate being kept in the loop.

 Read about them here.

Student Schedules

Same with, EDITABLE Student SchedulesThere are 2 types of schedules: A Weekly Class Schedule for kids and a Weekly Special Services Schedules which tells each individual student’s special services times, i.e. Speech, OT, PT. They let me know where everybody is! We don’t want to lose anyone, LOL. I type directly into the boxes, then I save and print. Kids can write in the info on their hard copy. Don’t forget to send home a copy for parents.Editable Student Schedules

Finally, I keep all these forms in one folder on my desktop for easy access. Forget the file cabinet! LOL. Need some Editable & Printable Class Forms to help you stay organized?



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Check out these Ready to Go options.

Editable Calendars

Back-to-School Editable Forms

Back-To-School Classroom Forms Bundle

Happy Organizing in 2019! 

Wishing everyone a Peaceful  & Happy New Year! 

Carol 🙂

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