It’s time to go Back to School. Believe it or not! It’s here! But there is one very important thing to keep in mind at this time of year. Us teachers have something very special that most other professionals don’t have.

Teaching Can Be a Tough Job

I think you’ll agree with me when I say that we teachers sometimes have an extremely tough job! There is, of course, that ton of paperwork always waiting for us. We may not always have an ideal classroom space. Sometimes we work in very old buildings that aren’t maintained well and are in need of repairs. We might not have enough supplies or materials. Maybe there is no curriculum and we have to create our own, YIKES! Very often we don’t have access to the best in technology. And then we may have students who require lots of behavior interventions.  On top of it all, we may be working with difficult administrators.

 Back to School

But in spite of it all, we are so very lucky because we have something very special that other professionals don’t have.

We Have Something They Don’t

We are blessed to have A. Fresh. Start. A. Every year when it’s time to go back to school we have the unique opportunity to have a fresh start, a brand, new beginning! New students, maybe a new classroom, possibly a new grade. We’re refreshed, we’re invigorated, we’re excited! We might get the chance to try a new curriculum, try a new classroom behavior management system, implement some new teaching strategies or methods. I really can’t think of any other professional that has this kind of opportunity. So me, myself, I’m grateful for this. This chance to start over, to do better, to try again. I look forward to going back to school this year and finding out what this new start will bring. And yes it’s time to go back to school and so to all of you out there- to all hard-working teachers everywhere- I wish you a wonderful first day back and an awesome fresh start to a new school year!


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