Okay, so what should everybody ought to know about calendars? I bet you didn’t think there was anything to know about calendars, right? Well, if you want to make life in the classroom a little easier and your kids more independent, read on! Introducing Editable Calendars is honestly one of the best things I ever did to make my life in the classroom easier. I know, like a calendar, what’s the big deal, right? But you would be amazed to see how a simple calendar can turn a bunch of kids into organized little admins, LOL. Seriously, my students take total ownership.

Editable Calendars make life in the classroom easier and kids more independent.

Editable Calendars keep teachers and kids organized

On the first day of the month, I post the calendar on my smart board. Each student has a hard copy. My students love to participate by providing any information they can share; they especially love naming holidays, birthdays and the like, of course, right? Then I start typing in all the info in, a master copy for the kids!

Don’t Forget!


School Breaks

School Closings

Schedule Changes

Special Events

Field Trips


Assignment Due Dates

Testing Dates

And so on…

As I am typing in the info my students are writing it on their hard copy.

When I’m done, it’s SAVE & PRINT! One for me to post in the classroom and one for each parent. Parents really do appreciate being kept informed about what’s happening in class.

Editable calendars make life in the classroom easier and kids more independent

The kids save their hand-printed copy. (kids can type in the info as well if you have that level of tech in your room, I sure don’t)

The calendars then go into the, OH. SO. NECESSARY. POCKET. PROTECTOR.  And anyone who’s ever been in the classroom knows I am NOT kidding!

Each of my students has a personal 1” binder which we call Personal Portfolios. They keep their calendar in their portfolio with other things like schedules and behavior data forms.

Simple as that! No more questions! No more, “When are we off?”, “Who’s having a birthday this month?”, When is the Math test?”, and so on.

If someone slips up and ask a schedule/date-related question, I simply say “Please refer to your calendar”. They really love it! It keeps us all organized and they take ownership.

Let’ face it. Where would we be without our calendars! Kids are no different.

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Need an editable calendar for your class?

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