What you should know before you go back-to-school. Definitely keep reading to find out!


Seem like us teachers sometimes have an extremely tough job! Where. Should. I. Start?

First, Paperwork. A literal ton of paperwork but zero time to get it done.

Next, Supplies and Materials. Some of us have literally zilch! So what do we do? We buy stuff with our own MONEY! That’s what we do!

Then, Curriculum. But wait, some of us don’t have one. That’s right folks, you read it right. Lots of teachers in special ed do not have a curriculum. “So what now?”, you ask. We make their own stuff! That’s what we do!

Onto, Technology. Or should I say, the lack of it. Seems like poor internet connections, or almost no Internet connections, broken printers, broken copy machines, no ink, a lot of the time. You get the idea.

Obviously, just naming a few here guys, LOL


But despite everything I just said, us teachers are Really. Lucky. That’s right, LUCKY. Because we have something that other professionals don’t have.

Unlike other professionals, we absolutely have A. Fresh. Start. Every year when it’s time to go back-to-school we get the chance to have a fresh start, a brand new beginning! New students, maybe a new classroom, possibly a new grade. We’re refreshed, we’re invigorated, we’re excited! We can’t wait to try out some new things! Maybe it’s a new curriculum, a new behavior management system, who knows? Clearly, the possibilities are endless!


The Bottom Line

In other words, we can look forward a new beginning Every. Single. Tear. In the end, I’m grateful for this chance to start over, to do better, to try again.

What you should know before you go back-to-school, is that yes, we have a tough job, but in the end we are really very luck to be teachers. So for all of you super hard working teachers out there, remember how lucky you really are and have an awesome back-to-school and an awesome year ahead!



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